Getting Started
Once you installed the Zeplin - Jira Integration, you can start using this app by following a few easy steps.
1. Go to the configuration page of the app. Here click the "Authentication with Zeplin" button under Step 1.
2. In the pop-up window, log in to your Zeplin account and authorize access for the app.
3. Refresh the page to confirm the authentication was complete. If you need to disconnect your account and re-connect another one, you can do it by clicking the green "Configured" button.
4. Now you can open a Jira ticket and add Zeplin application to it.
5. Now that we've enabled Zeplin for Jira for your issue, it's time to add your first attachment. Click on the "Attach from Zeplin" dropdown. Select the project and the app will load your Zeplin attachment and show a preview in a moment.
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