Use Dynamic channels

When to Use

You want to receive specific data about changes in tickets on the board, for example, their priority, keys, version of fixes, reporter, and so on. For each value, you can create a separate notification. To do this, you need to work with dynamic channels.


1) Install the Slack Jira Integration app from the Atlassian Marketplace and connect it to Slack using the instructions available in the Getting Started guide.
2) Go to Jira and open Project notifications (you can do it for System too). Click the "Create" button and enter or select values for fields.
3) Enter the "Dynamic" name and select the value from the dropdown list, for example, assignee.
4) Enter the "Channel topic" and Invite Slack User if you need it. Click the "Create" button. The channel will appear in Slack when the assignee will be added or changed in any ticket in your project.


In Slack you'll see the channel with the name and selected dynamic value, for example, the assignee.
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