Send notifications of all Jira project activity to Slack

When to Use

You need to keep track of Jira activity without ever leaving Slack or having to log in to Jira. Your team will gain insight into everything that happens in Jira without needing a Jira account.


1) Install the Slack Jira Integration app from the Atlassian Marketplace and connect it to Slack using the instructions available in the Getting Started guide.
2) Create a System/Project/Issue notification. Add the Slack channel name, it can be a new or existing name. Add the channel topic as shown below.
3) Setup any filters (optional step) You can filter the type of notifications you see in your slack channel by any basic filters or setup the advanced filters using JQL. By default, no filter is applied.
4) Specify the events you want to be notified about (optional step). You can choose the types of events that you want to see in your Slack channel by selecting the options in the events tab. By default, all events are selected.


See all your Jira activity on your Slack channel!

Try it Now

Try the Slack Jira Integration for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.
Last modified 1yr ago