Search for a Jira issue in Slack using the command

When to Use

You are in Slack and need to know a list of Jira issues that match a specific criteria. Using JQL in Slack is a powerful tool to pull back a list of specific Jira issues.


1) Install the Slack Jira Integration app from the Atlassian Marketplace and connect it to Slack using the instructions available in the Getting Started guide.
2) You can search the issue by different criterias: priority, status, etc. Go to Slack and use the JQL command in any channel for searching Jira issue. For example, you want to search by priority: /jira search priority=medium


1) You’ll see the name of one or list of issues with searched priority.
If you don’t have issues with searched priority you’ll see another message:

Try it Now

Try the Slack Jira Integration for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.
Last modified 11mo ago