Notify when new Jira bug is created

When to Use

You need to be aware of every aspect of your projects and want to be notified in Slack when any new bug or issue is raised in Jira. This is useful to keep on top of your project.


1) Install the Slack Jira Integration app from the Atlassian Marketplace and connect it to Slack using the instructions available in the Getting Started guide.
2) Go to Jira Software and create a Project notifications channel.
3) You can select the project from the dropdown list and the "Basic" name of your channel will be pre-filled.
4) Select users in the “Invite Slack users” field.
5) Go to the “Options” and select the “Force all notifications to this channel regardless of issue channel settings”.
6) Go to the “Jira Events” and select only the “Issue created”.
7) Save all changes and go to your board. Make any changes to the old issue and then create a new one.


In your project channel, you’ll see notifications only about newly created issues.

Try it Now

Try the Slack Jira Integration for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.
Last modified 1yr ago