Create a Jira issue from Slack

When to Use

You are in Slack and want to quickly create a Jira issue. No need to go to Jira. Just type and create your issue in Slack.


1) Install the Slack Jira Integration app from the Atlassian Marketplace and connect it to Slack using the instructions available in the Getting Started guide.
2) Go to Slack and use jira command in any channel for creating issue: /jira create :project TEST :summary Test1 :desc Testing
Pay attention that you need to use your project's name.


1) You’ll see a confirmation message in channel.
2) Go to your board and look at the created issue in Jira.
Don't forget that you can create an issue notification from the ticket. There you'll see a pre-filled name for your channel in the "Basic" field. All you need is just to enter data into other fields.

Try it Now

Try the Slack Jira Integration for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.
Last modified 1yr ago