Release Notes


Released Slack reminders for Jira tickets:
  • If there are no comments have been made in * days;
  • If an issue is due today


  • Fixed an issue with notifications about project versions
  • Fixed an issue with empty priority in tickets
  • Fixed an issue with the formatting of the form
  • Released Public App


  • Fixed the issue with notifications about created tickets


  • Released fix for custom fields in jira boards
  • Released fix for colorful fonts
  • Improved UX for existing Slack Commands
  • Improve UX for existing notifications shown in Slack


  • Released slack commands refactoring


  • Fixed bug with duplicated assignee/creator names in Slack notifications
  • Fixed bug for the "Jira Filters" tab. Now it's possible to select the "No filter" value


Released UI improvements:
  • The header title color is changed from blue to white
  • The documentation link is moved to the right corner
  • The "Create" button is renamed to "New"
  • White spaces are removed from the "Jira Events" tab
  • Changed the background for the “Jira Events”, “Jira Filters”, “Options” tabs, “Slack Channel” and “Message Format” tabs
  • Added separate sections for the following 3 rectangle areas for the "Jira Filters" section
  • Made all the fonts the same size
  • Removed blue header for "Issue notifications"
  • Made the new Issue Channel popup larger so the formatting is not crowded
  • Changed the place of text “Please select additional fields you wish to include in your notification. If you select more than 10 fields, multiple messages will be sent to Slack” in the "Message Format" tab
  • Removed red asterisk for the "Channel name" title


  • Fixed bugs for "Issue notifications" channels type


Released UI improvements:
  • There are 4 modes for setting up a channel name: New Channel, Existing, Dynamic or Direct Message
  • The "Channel Topic" field is prefilled for Existing channels
  • Only "Channel type" and "User" dropdown lists are shown for the Direct channels
  • When a user selects an advanced "JQL filter", and if the search field is empty, it is prefilled with the following JQL including an actual current project
  • The spinning icon is shown after clicking the "Create" button so the user knows that the system is working


  • Fixed the app formatting issue
Last modified 4mo ago