This Slack-Jira Add-on User Manual is aimed to assist with operating on provided features and exploiting the functional benefits of the systems' integration.
Slack-Jira plugin lets you combine the best from both domains - strict, organized handling of Jira tickets and dynamic, human-centric Slack chats. Environments for software projects have never been so handy, intelligible, and fun.

Creating Channels

You have the option to create 4 different types of channels. Watch the video below to know how to create each one.

Setup Notifications

With this Slack-Jira Plugin, you have a lot of options to setup notifications: you will just send and receive the ones that you or your team need. Watch the video below to know how to edit notifications settings.

Format, Reminders, and More Options

You can configure the amount of information you will get on each Slack notification. Watch the video below to know how to do it, and also how to setup reminders and other options.

Control Jira from Slack

Now you don't have to leave Slack in order to create, assign, comment, or transition issues: you can do it using the smart commands of this Slack-Jira Integration, among other great things. Watch the video below to know how to control your Jira boards from Slack.

Multiple Workspaces

Now you can send your Jira project notifications to multiple Slack workspaces. Simply click on “Add workspace” in the main menu of this integration, and configure notifications and filters like in the previous steps, so you can get just the notifications you want for each workspace and channel.

Muting Channels

Now you have the option to temporarily mute the notifications you have previously set up. On the "Notifications" tab you can find a "Status" column. With the toggle buttons in this column, you can mute or activate the channel notifications.
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