Getting started
Once you installed Miro-Jira Integration, you can start using this app and connect Miro with Jira by following a few easy steps.

In Miro

  1. 1.
    Go to your account configuration
2. Click on profile settings, Your apps, and Create new app
3. Fill out the details and click on Create app
4. On the next screen, you are in the app settings now. You need to scroll down until you see permissions. Select them all, and click on Install app to get the Auth token.
5. Confirm again on the next screen, after that you should see the token.
6. From the configuration page, copy the Miro Access Token, Client ID and Miro Client Secret, and paste them in your Miro Integration configuration on Jira. Click on Update.
That's it. Now you can go to any Jira issue, select the Miro integration from your list of plugins, and embed your Miro URL to monitor and edit your Miro assets inside Jira.
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