Getting Started

Once the app is installed, go to the Configuration page. Then click on “Authentication with Jenkins” to enter your details.
Here, fill out the form.
Your Jira E-mail: this is the email address of your Jira account.
Your Jira API Token: you can create and manage your Jira API tokens under your Jira profile - Security section. Please follow these steps to create a new token.
Your Jenkins URL: you can copy and paste it from your Jenkins login screen. The format should be the following: ""
Your Jenkins User Name: the username you use for Jenkins.
Your Jenkins API token: you can create API tokens in your Jenkins profile - Configure section. Please follow these steps to create a new token:
  • Log in to Jenkins.
  • Click your name (upper-right corner).
  • Click Configure (left-side menu).
  • Use the “Add new Token” button to generate a new one, then name it and copy it.
To connect a build with a Jira ticket, please do the following:
1. Go to the Synchronize Jobs menu option.
Select the job you want to sync and click “Sync now”. Alternatively, you can sync all with the “Sync All” button.
2. In Jenkins select a build, click “Edit build information” enter the Jira ticket key into the build details in the following format “##TEST-1”:
3. Now go back to the app and find the synced job. Click the gear icon and select “Sync builds”.
4. After this, you can check the ticket number you entered. Add Jenkins by selecting the three dots and clicking Jenkins from the dropdown, and it will show the connected build.
The app will insert the build ID, Build Name, Duration, and Status into the connected Jira ticket.