Connect to Private and Self-Hosted Git

It's very easy to link your Jira account with your Private and Self-Hosted repos.

Install the app and connect your repositories

The following video shows you how to install this Self-Hosted repos integration and connect your repository:
Below you have a detailed tutorial on how to take every step in the previous video.

Setup Your Repository

In Jira Git Integration, you can connect to any git repo by clicking on the “Connect to Repository” drop-down list and selecting "Other Git Services".
Then you need to enter valid data into a form. The repository url is available on the “Repository” pages in GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket accounts. You can authorize by three ways: using login and password, generating ssh key and uploading ssh private key. If you are hosting your own git server you'll need to ask the admin for these credentials.
For example in GitHub you can find URL by two ways:
Take note of the firewall settings at the bottom of the form, and if necessary, please whitelist the following IPs:,,,,,,,,,
After entering all data into a form, click on the “Add” button. Enable private repo and then create a command for the ticket in GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket. After that you need to reindex private repo and the commit will matched.
Now that the installation is ready, and your repo is enabled, you can go to the "Features" section of this Documentation to see all the options for this integration.