Is this app available for standalone Jira versions?

At the moment this service is only available for Atlassian Cloud. Bitband is exploring options to release a hosted version of the Git Integration.
If you have a specific interest in this product contact us at [email protected]

Is the Jira Software Data Center edition supported?

It’s on the roadmap but not yet available for public distribution.
If you have a specific interest in this product contact us at [email protected]

Can we use private git repositories?

Yes, we can connect to virtually any type of git repository. First, in a few clicks you can connect to GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket by authenticating to your account. Second, for any other git repo you can connect by providing a specific url and security credentials. With this second type of connection, you can connect to your own private Gitlab repo or essentially any Git instance that is accessible on the internet.

Do you provide a secure connection to repos?

Yes, we use all the secure protocols supported by Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab. And for private repos we support SSH and other secure connection methods.

I do not see my repositories after connecting, what can I do?

The application should pull in all repositories that the connected account has appropriate access to. If you do not see your repositories, pleae double check your access. You need at least "Maintainer" level access on GitLab and "Admin" level access for Bitbucket. For AWS user permissions, please refer to the AWS CodeCommit section of the documentation for the list of permissions.