Getting Started
1. Once the app is installed, go to the Configuration page. There, you have to enter your Freshdesk domain and token.
2. To get the Token, go to your Freshdesk account, open your Profile settings, and copy your API Key, that's what you have to paste on “Your Freshdesk Token” field shown above. Once you filled out the fields, you can click on “Update”.
Your API Key is your Token for Freshdesk-Jira Integration.
4. Go to the Jira issue where you want to embed your Freshdesk ticket, and click on “Open Freshdesk” on the right panel. There you will have to enter the Freshdesk ticket ID.
5. To get this ID, go to Freshdesk, enter the ticket you want to share in Jira, and copy the last part of the URL from your browser. That number is your Ticket ID.
This is your Freshdesk Ticket ID
6. That's it. Now you will see your Freshdesk Ticket details inside this Jira issue, and you can share it with your team.
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