Getting Started
You can connect Figma and Confluence with a few steps
Go to the Atlassian Marketplace and search Bitband Figma Confluence, click Get it Now to install. Then go to the configuration page. This is the place where you enter your Figma credentials.
After a successful authentication, go to your Confluence page, click the edit button on top right. Then click the Insert button on top (the plus sign), type Figma, and you will see the app. Click on it and then on Add more links.
In that field, you can add a Figma URL, and if you want to add multiple links, you can click Add more links again to get more fields.
Once you added the Figma links you want, click on Insert.
After a few seconds, you will see your Figma designs added on your Confluence page. Then you can click on Publish to save that.
Now you can jump into your Figma designs whenever you want, see the progress, or comment or share this with your team.
If you need any help with our app, or if you have any suggestion for us to make it better, please contact our support team, from the Support tab of the app page. We will more than happy to help.
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