Getting Started

Once you installed CircleCI-Jira Integration, you can start using this app by following a few easy steps.
1. Go to the Configuration page of your CircleCI-Jira Integration and click on “Personal API Tokens page” link.
2. Proceed to create a Token on CircleCI on that page, then copy and paste the token on the corresponding field of the configuration page of CircleCI-Jira plugin.
3. Now go to the Jira issue you want to use to embed the details of a CircleCI workflow and click Open CircleCI on the right panel. There, you will have to paste the URL of the CircleCI workflow you want to embed.
4. The workflow URL to enter in Jira is on the Workflow overview page of your CircleCI account, copy just the last part of it, right after the word “workflows”, check image below.
5. Paste that URL on the corresponding field of your Jira issue (step 3), and that's it, you will see the details of your CircleCI workflow, including name, status, project slug, and date/time started and stopped.