Getting Started
1. Once the app is installed, go to the Configuration page. There, you will enter your Azure Token, Organization, and Project.
2. To get the Token, go to your Azure account, User Settings, Personal Access Tokens (under security, and click on New Token. Name it, select Expiration, and Custom defined scope. You only have to check the “Read” option in the following scopes. Then click on Create.
3. Copy the Token, go back to Jira, and paste it on the first field of the plugin Configuration page. Then add your Azure Pipeline organization name, the name of your project, and click Add to get your accounts connected.
4. Go to your Azure Pipeline, copy the Pipeline ID (it's at the end of the URL in the pipeline page)
5. Open a Jira issue, and click on Azure Pipeline in the right panel. Paste the Pipeline ID and you will get the result of your pipeline right there.
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