Every automation consists of a trigger, condition, and action. Conditions define when your automation must work, but the condition is not necessary, so you may select the "Skip condition" value. To configure a condition, click on the "Configure" button in the conditions section.
Select the condition after entering the name of your automation and selecting the project, trigger. There are additional fields for most of the conditions.
Advance compare condition
For the "Field to monitor for changes" use values like on the placeholder. Select the condition and enter the value. For example, your field monitor for changes is the assignee. Your condition is equal. Your value is Tester1.
Related compare condition
Select the "Issue relation" and "Issue relation comparison" values from the dropdown lists. Enter a value into the "Field to monitor for changes" like in the previous condition. Select the "Condition" and enter the "Value".
Field to Monitor for Changes
You just need to select the field to monitor for changes.
User condition
Select the validation value and option, criteria.
JQL Condition
Enter any JQL-search request.
Issue field condition
Select the "Issue field" and "Condition" values from the dropdown lists and enter "Value" into the field.
Click the "Save" button after selecting the condition and entering\selecting all values in fields. Then select trigger and action. Enable the automation with the toggle button. Automation is created and the trigger will fire after the conditions will be done on the board.
Last modified 5mo ago