Can I use a few automations at one time?

Yes, you can use multiple automations at the same time, but they should not contradict each other.

Can two automations interfere with each other?

Yes, if they contradict each other. For example, in one you call to the action to close the ticket, in the other to reopen the ticket.

Why do I need automations?

This will help you establish automated processes and not waste time on unnecessary operations.

With your automation plugin in Jira, would you be able to copy a worklog from project A to another project B?

No, there is no possibility to copy a worklog from project A to project B.

Can I add watchers to the ticket in my automation?

The "Add watchers" option is not available in this release of the application.

Does it really mean every user including customers are billed or just Jira service desk agents?

Just the Jira service desk agents are charged.
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