Bitband Atlassian App Documentation

The Bitband team has been building some of the best Atlassian apps for over 10 years and has over 100,000 users worldwide running our apps.
Our mission is to help your team be as productive as possible by providing professional integrations to popular software tools and software team lifecycle tools to automate and simplify from idea to production.
We provide detailed documentation for each app. Below are some common general questions we get about how Atlassian Apps work and how we can help you set them up successfully:

List of Bitband Atlassian Apps

Below is a list of some of our apps. The list is always growing as we launch new apps regularly. For the latest list view all Bitband apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

How to install apps from the Atlassian Marketplace

All of our apps are available through the Atlassian Marketplace, so you can follow the same steps to install them:
Install the app by clicking the “Try it free” button.
After this, select the site you want to install the app on and click “Start free trial”.
Once you start the installation, you will see the following message:
Wait until successful installation is confirmed and you can start configuring the app. For specific instructions, please see the relevant section of the documentation for each app.

How Free Trials work

You can trial any Marketplace app free for 30 days. Clicking the Try it free button and installing the app will start this free trial.
If you want to know how long you have left in a trial go to Apps – Manage apps and open the section of the app. It will say when the trial will end.
If you see “Stop free trial” here, it means you have a free trial active. You can click this if you wish to stop the trial.
If you see a “Free trial” button instead, it means your free trial isn’t active. You can click this to start a free trial.

Atlassian App Pricing

You can find the price of each app under the Pricing tab.
Some of our apps are free, in these cases, there is no pricing tab but you will see indicated that it’s a free app.
Pricing is calculated based on the number of users you have on an instance. For apps from the Atlassian Marketplace to work, the number of licenses has to match the number of users you have, even if only some of your users need to use the app.
For example, if you have a 25-user license for Jira Software you will also need a 25-user tier license for our Jira apps. For Jira specifically, you must purchase the app license that matches the highest Jira application tier you have. If you have a 50-User Jira Software license, and a 20-User Jira Service Management license, you need to purchase 50 licenses for our Jira apps.
You can enter this number (found under Settings – User Management or Billing) into the field on the Pricing tab and choose Monthly or Annual billing cycle to see the exact price.
Atlassian designed their Marketplaace apps to work for all users in a Jira instance. They do not provide a way to only charge for active users of a particular app. Our pricing is adjusted knowing that companies pay for all users in their instance.

Who can install an app?

Only admins can install third-party apps from the Atlassian Marketplace. If you are an admin you will see the “Try it free” button and will be able to follow the instructions for installing the app.
If you instead see “Request app” that means you are not an admin on the Jira instance. You can go ahead and request the app, then contact your Jira admin so that they can approve and install the app.
Jira admins can approve requested apps under Apps – View app requests.

Security and Privacy

Bitband prioritizes your privacy and the security of our applications and your companies data. Learn more:

Bitband Support

Bitband provides support for all of our paid apps. You can find support details on the Support tab on any of the Marketplace App listings. You can contact our support team via the Bitband Customer Support Portal. If you have an issues installing or setting up an app feel free to reach out and we are happy to help.
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